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The Stele Statue Museum offers all schools the chance to enrich their visit to the Museum itself and the Piagnaro Castle  with didactic activities that must be booked and that take place in the castle . These didactic activities help students to master the themes encountered  through workshops , multimedial lessons , itineraries in the city and the surrounding land .  They have been projected to be applicable to all classes , but are obviously different according to the type of school  . The experience of the visit is told in the following article "Siamo andati a visitare il Castello".
Info and booking: Lunigiana Stele Statue “Augusto Cesare Ambrosi “ Museum - 0187.831439 - Ufficio Istruzione Comune di Pontremoli - 0187.4601212

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A didactic workshop to discover the stele statues , their appearance and formal characteristics . Each student may model his/her stele statue in clay and take it home as a memento of the day spent at the Museum . The workshop includes a guided visit to the Stele Statue Museum .

Half a day long


This workshop helps to discover the objects that embellish the stele statues : daggers , axes , javelins, chokers , necklaces , earrings . Extremely realistic objects , found during archeological excavations dating to the eneolithic and iron ages and reconstructed thanks to experimental archeology . This workshop includes a guided visit to the Stele Statues Museum .

Half a day long


The operators take children on a discovery journey in the Castello del Piagnaro and the alleys beneath it , drawing them into an animated tale ,with characters , enigmas to solve , games , treasure hunts .

90 minutes long
Attività prevista nel periodo primaverile


During the Middle Ages both weapons and offensive and defensive tactics became extraordinarily developed . At this time cavalry was the most important part of any army . The weapons were produced by steel-smiths that made swords , spears and more and more beautiful and strong coats of armour . After a brief animated introduction on the weapons used in the Middle Ages , an expert will guide the children through the creation and reproduction of weapons using wood and recycled materials .

90 minutes long


In the Middle Ages the apothecary was considered a very important person who had a fundamental role in the community . He was a master who knew the art of preparing medicines and collecting , conserving and preparing herbs to obtain medicines . After having looked at the Herbary , a book in which the main officinal plants of our area have been collected and described , the children can observe , touch and smell some spices .

90 minutes long


The suggestive background of the Piagnaro Castle and the medieval town with its hidden alleys will enhance Galgano’s story , and the legends and myths that are intertwined to it . The story-teller will describe who a pilgrim is and will bring the children to meet the personages that Galgano encounters on his journey : good-hearted women , fantastic creatures and mythological animals , interpreted by very young actors . During the reading every child will make a special magic amulet that will accompany the pilgrim on his journey .

90 minutes long Animated reading


“The mysterious Castle Guards “ has been developed from a story that tells about a young pilgrim’s journey towards Rome , the holy city . The story is tied to the Via Francigena and to Pontremoli , particularly to the local werewolf legend . The animated reading of this story includes a workshop in which little stele statues are made with different materials ; there is also a workshop on puns and turns of speech referring to the stele statues and on the special languages used in history and museums .

90 minutes long Animated reading


A workshop developed for small children , to discover the “magic” of books through classic Fairytales and stories that belong to the local tradition . The idea behind the workshop is to let the children get “into” a book reading , playing in a creative way and enacting the story . According to the children’s age , different fairytales will be presented ;the animated reading of each tale will be followed by a creative workshop during which the operators will guide the children to discover the world through imagination . There is also the possibility of a workshop in English for older children , with the making of objects the tales refer to .

90 minutes long Animated reading


A guided visit to the city of Pontremoli in English . The first part of the visit consists in the telling of the official history of the city , the one written in documents , whereas the second part tells of the fantastic history of the place and takes visitors to the most magical part of the old town : the Piagnaro Castle , to meet one of its mysterious dwellers , the Werewolf .

90 minutes long – in english
For 14-years-old and over
Cancelled on rainy days


Using discarded or salvaged materials , an expert will suggest creative activities to stimulate and enhance the children’s imagination , conveying to them the value objects have and the importance of reusing materials . The workshop’s theme will touch the history of the stele statues , singular anthropomorphic sculptures created by ancient peoples that lived in the valley in the two thousand years preceding the arrival of the Romans .

90 minutes long


Over centuries mankind has , in its interaction with the environment , elaborated complex life-systems , developing work , technology , science , the use of resources , migrations of cultures and distribution of food , and the recycling of rubbish . The didactic workshops will bring schoolchildren to focus on environmental and anthropological themes through history and cultural traditions . This is how to face journeys in the past on the spice route … or the reuse of manuscript parchments in old book shops … or the secrets of ancient pharmacopoeia .

120 minutes long
Secondary schools


The children are guided in a fascinating journey , in which they discover how senses other than sight are involved in approaching ancient books . They will listen to why it’s important to preserve old things …. especially books and at the end of the visit they will be named young Book Preservers . If the chosen module allows it , they will be helped to make a small token to keep .

120 minutes long
Infant School and Primary School


The object is to guide the children in a discovery of the differences between ancient and modern books , by comparing different types of paper that is the main structural element of any book . In the weeks before the visit the students can choose a classic author, and during the visit actually touch different editions of books by that same author so as to realize the different meaning “book” has had in the past centuries ..

120 minutes long
Secondary School


The main theme is exercising attention for detail , even the least . The workshop is organized with the Diocese Museum . After having visited the museum the students will have to put to the test their ability to memorize detail , helped by clues , images and question-charts . The parallelism between gold-smithery and the art of printing and engraving will be shown to them and they will be helped to make a small dry impression to keep .

150 minutes long
High School


A complete acquisition of competence through complementary humanistic and scientific subjects. Teachers and students will choose an author whose works are kept in the Library. The students will actually experience “ researching” and will be able to “ adopt” a copy of the chosen book and explore its history and preservation even using laboratory tests.

150 minutes long
High school students


On the occasion of the fifth centenary of the death of the famous printer Aldo Manunzio , we invite students to come on a tour of the worlds of books and printing , with Manunzio and other editors and printers whose works are kept in the Ancient Section of the Library . In the workshop it will be possible to actually work on some books and to therefore become aware of some of the phases involved in the making of books typical of the XVI cen.

150 minutes long
High School


The object is to guide students to the real meaning of “research” in a museum , a library or archives . This will be done using an unusual and rather odd theme : the ways in which in the past writing and decorating materials were obtained , and so inks and colours : their history will be revisited through old recipes .

120 minutes long
High School


The history of the city told through art : from the prehistoric stele statues to the medieval bridges and fortifications , to the refined baroque mansions . The visit includes : in the morning , a guided visit to the Stele Statue Museum and the Piagnaro Castle and a workshop ; in the afternoon a discovery tour of Pontremoli’s baroque : the Cathedral , the mansions , the churches .

One day long


A hike on a part of the old Via Francigena , between the Cisa pass and the Piagnaro Castle at Pontremoli . This is in the morning , followed by a packed lunch and a guided visit to the Piagnaro Castle and the Lunigiana Stele Statue Museum in the afternoon .

One day long


Pontremoli’s safe driving school camp offers to all schools half a day or day long courses to learn the road code enjoying oneself . Through simulations with means of transport in the school camp you can come to know and master the key situations of the road code , in a realistic and safe environment !

The driving school camp activities can be linked to workshops and visits to the Museum

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