Guest quarters

The Piagnaro Castle guest quarters

The guest quarters of the Castle, created to accommodate pilgrims travelling along the Via Francigena are open all year round; it is necessary to book. The rooms in the guest quarters can accommodate up to 65 people and are available for groups, school-trips, associations, families, or single tourists.

• One Double bedroom with a bathroom but no shower
• Two Rooms for 6 people with bunk-beds
• Two Rooms for 8 people with bunk-beds
• One Rooms for 10 people with bunk-beds
• Large room for 26 people with bunk-beds.
• Shared bathroom and shower.

The Castle has a fully furnished kitchen – except for pans and plates – and a hall with benches that can easily accommodate 80/100 people.

For more information and to book please contact:

Ufficio Istruzione e Cultura: 0187 4601211

Biglietteria del Museo 0187 831439


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