It is a complete male stele statue . It was found in 1975 at “ ai falò” in the village of Belvedere (Aulla , MS) in a field that was being dug .  It belongs to group C and the inscription engraved on it would fix the date at the VI century b.C. . The body is subrectangular , slightly narrowed at the hips , and the head is subcircular .  The face is represented rather realistically with eyes and eyebrows in relief , the mouth shown by a small groove . The ears are hollowed out , the collar-bone ribbon is in faint relief and curved in the middle , the arms are realistically shaped and decidedly bent at the elbows , the hands have thumbs separate from the fingers .  The handle of an axe with a square blade is placed over the right hand . A belt worked in relief surrounds the whole body below the arms ; a triangular hip-cloth shows below the belt .  At the top left side of the chest there is an inscription in Etruscan writing that should be read as “ vemetuvis” .
It is kept at the Pontremoli Museum .