Undamaged male stele statue . Discovered in 1964 on the slope overhanging the  Garfagnana national route n.445 at Nibbiara , between Casola Lunigiana and Vigneta ( Casola in Lunigiana , MS ) . It belongs to group A and could therefore date to the eneolithic age ( between 3400/3300 and 2300/2000 b.C. ) . The body has a  rectangular shape and the head  is semicircular . The sunken face has a semicircular U -shape . The eyes are button-shaped and set on the sides of the top part of the nose ; the collar bone ribbon is slightly arched and points downward in the middle; the arms are slightly bent at the elbows at different angles . A dagger , obtained lowering the surface of the stone , appears under the arms and has a convex triangular blade , while the handle has a semicircular knob .
It is exhibited in the Museum at Pontremoli ; there are copies in the Museum  of the Territory  of the Upper Aulella Valley at Casola in Lunigiana and in the didactic area at Nibbiara .