Minucciano I

This male stele statue without a head was discovered together with other two in 1964 when the road to the sanctuary of the Madonna del Soccorso was dug , near Minucciano ( Minucciano, LU ) in the higher reaches of the Aulella valley . It belongs to group B and probably dates to the Eneolithic Age ( between 3400/3300 and 2300/2000 b.C.) . The roughly trapezoid body has arms only slightly bent at the elbows and hands represented by parallel lines . Upright against the chest there is a long-handled axe with a rectangular blade . There is also a dagger resting below the hands in horizontal position and in slight relief , that has a triangular blade with stiffening rib and a handle with a semicircular knob .  It is kept at the Pontremoli Museum , where a copy is also kept . There is a copy on the square in  front of the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Soccorso at Minucciano .