Sorano III

This male stele statue without its head was discovered in 1966-67 when the apse and the cemetery of the ancient Pieve di Sorano ( Filattiera , MS ) were restored . It belongs to group B ( the top part shows the base of the neck and a distinctive workmanship of the shoulder and could date back to the Eneolithic Age ( between 3400/3300 and 2300/2000 b.C. ) .  It is in two pieces .  The collar-bone ribbon is in relief and the left arm is slightly bent at the elbow and enlarged at the end showing a rather indistinct hand . There is a dagger placed horizontally below the arms .  All that can be seen are the triangular blade and part of the rectangular handle .  It is probably a typical example of intentional breakage during the Middle Ages that – as in the case of the stele statues number 22(Sorano I ) and number 23 ( Sorano II ) found in the same church – witnesses the carrying out of those episcopal councils that prescribed breaking heathen idols and building christian churches over them .
It is kept at the Pontremoli Museum