This complete male stele statue was found in 1975 at “Cavallino” of Taponecco ( Licciana , MS ) when a road was widened . It belongs to group B and probably dates therefore to the Eneolithic Age ( between 3400/3300 and 2300/2000 b-C. ) . The body is trapezoid with a rounded neck and the head is semicircular .  The sunken U-shaped face is rather narrow and long ; the nose , worked in relief , is wide and long ; the collar-bone ribbon is in relief ; the arms are bent and the elbows stick out ; the hands are shown by parallel lines  .  A dagger , placed below the hands and pointing slightly upward , has a wide triangular blade with ribbing down the middle and a semicircular knob on the handle .
It is kept at the Pontremoli Museum .