Venelia I

This stele statue head was found in 1936 in a field belonging to the Giarelli family at Groppolongo , between the cemetery of Monti di Licciana and the Taverone river ( Licciana Nardi , MS ) when it was ploughed  for the  first time . It belongs to the B group and could therefore date back to the Eneolithic Age ( between 3400/3300 and 2300/2000 b.C. ) . The face is represented by an almost perfectly round large dish , the rounded neck is short and thick . A segment in relief that drops down from the top of the head represents the nose ; the button-shaped eyes are placed in the angles formed by nose and eyebrows . The lower part of the head tapers slightly , representing perhaps the chin . Two little cups , set at the sides of the face , represent ears or earrings .  It is kept at the Pontremoli Museum .